Information Entry Tutorial – Guideline for Beginners!

Hello, welcome to Data Entry Tutorial – Guideline for Beginners, and I know you're here on the grounds that you're willing to begin your outsourcing venture with Data Entry, Web Research and Lead Generation (Prospecting) working field.

All things considered, you're in the opportune spot to adhere to the directions and gain from a very much experienced individual right now.

Here is my portfolio on a Freelance Marketplace to keep you motivated:

Top Rated Profile on Upwrok with 100% Job Success Rate

My Story of becoming a Data Entry Professional:

Before I share the resources, I would love to share a few key notes about my background in the online journey.
I am not from Computer Science background academically, not from English Medium School. I am studying with a BSS degree in a govt. college in Sylhet, Bangladesh.
When I was almost 18, I started finding ways to make money online in 2012 with little to NO SKILL IN HAND. As my English language ability was too poor, I wasn’t even able to discover and learn things fast and have worked on many PTC websites (the worst way to waste valuable time) for a few months and finally on Jun 16th, 2013 I got my very first payment of $3.02 from NeoBux (a PTC site)!
Hey, don’t worry, you’re going to get help from me, so you will get success much faster than mine!
Maybe, you would be interested to see my very first payment details from the image below:
My First Income from Online!
Yes, by spending almost ONE year, I earned $3.02 USD and by the grace of almighty and researching, I was able to learn about oDesk (currently Upwork), Elance, freelance marketplaces, and gained the pieces of knowledge that are still helping me!

How I got started professionally:

In some days of researching, I found a blog post which was about Freelance Data Entry Tutorial, and the respectful author wrote that- it is possible to earn money online if I get skills on Microsoft Office programs, so I started watching videos on YouTube and started reading more blogs.
Certainly, there weren’t lots of tutorial videos available as we have now, and due to the poor internet connection in my area at that time, even it was very difficult to watch videos, but I managed to watch and read to learn.
I am thankful to all the video creators and the authors who shared their knowledge. I did learn basic usages of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel by following them and now I am being able to grind some of the money-making methods!
On January 12th, 2014, I created my profile on oDesk (Upwork) with very basic skills on MS Word and MS Excel with an average typing speed of 35- 40 words per minute and I made the very first bid (applied) on the second week.
As I mentioned before, the knowledge’s I gained by working on small staffs- still helping me, and actually, these experiences helped me lot to write a cover letter accordingly to convince the client and got the first job on January, 25th 2014!, and I was able to make the client satisfied enough, so, he started providing me contracts repetitively as you can see from the image below:

Data Entry Repeated Contract Examples
From January 25th – February 28th, 2014, I have earned a total $150 and that was the beginning, since then, I never had to look back!
As days passed by, I got much better with Data Entry, Web Research, and Lead Generation. I learned new skills, I raised my pay rate slowly from $3.33 USD to $18.75 USD per hour, I have completed 126 jobs successfully only on Upwork, and now I mostly work with companies and clients directly outside of any freelance marketplace!
If you are interested to know- how much I made only on Upwork by doing Data Entry, Lead Generation (prospecting) jobs last year, please check out the following video:
How Much I Made on 2018
I also got working experience with clients on Fiverr, which is another newbie friendly and great freelance marketplace.
You will find more about my activities on Fiverr on some of the tutorial videos soon!
I have shared the information about me, background, how I got started, and what is my current position, is just to give you a basic idea of what you can achieve by the time forwarding, and to keep you motivated. But, no longer willing to make you more bored, and straightly going forward to the resources:
Even, if you are a complete beginner, please don’t worry. Honestly- it will not take more than 15 days to gather enough knowledge and skills to be ready to join marketplaces as a Data Entry Professional and to start finding jobs.

Let’s Learn Data Entry:

Basically, in online Data Entry jobs, we have to enter information from one resource to another. Sometimes clients will provide us all the information in several places and resources, but we have to put them into one master file.
Depending on the project need, sometime we might have to collect information from online and add them into an Excel or Word file.
And, yes, from the video instructions, you will learn – what are few of the project types clients hire us for, how to do these tasks, etc.
I have worked on practical projects by showing the description and sometimes I also showed the conversation with clients and recorded to help you get the full overview.
IMPORTANT: To get started with Data Entry, Web Research, and Lead Generation, first of all, you have to get an idea of the project types from the videos, that clients basically provide us to do.
Then you have to do some of the projects as a demo to sharpen your knowledge, and experience and you have to make some portfolio to showcase your experiences into the marketplaces and incase a client asked you to show!
Please don’t create an account on any marketplace without getting the skills, otherwise! it will make your success progress slower.
Please check out the videos below where I showed- the details of Data Entry jobs, full project overview, and live works to show you full process:

Getting and Accepting a New Data Entry Job in Upwork, Full Process:

How to Work on a Data Entry Project in Upwork as a Freelancer and How Much You Can Earn:

Found these videos helpful? Interested to watch few more Data Entry Live Example Videos?
You can find 4 updated Data Entry project examples on my course published on Udemy.
Please check them out from the link below, you will get these with a DISCOUNTED Price today!
I suggest you watch every single video to get a better idea of different project types, description, pricing, working process, etc.
After completing watching the videos from the course, please check out Upwork Data Entry jobs link to see what are the relevant jobs currently available, and which jobs you can do?
Few jobs you will find have partial information, but at some point, you will find a complete job description with requirements added on the job post.
If you have found that you will be able to do the job, please do it as a practice and make it as your portfolio. Follow this step for 5 projects to make your efforts stronger in the Freelancing journey.
I believe you already did some portfolio projects for Data Entry jobs.
If not, please bookmark this post, or maybe you can share it on your Facebook to get back to the page easily when you’re done with the portfolio.
So, now it’s time to learn the other skill, which is Lead Generation, Lead Prospecting or Email List building for clients by using several methods. Point to mention – I have been making most of the money by providing this service nowadays!

Leat’s Learn Lead Generation or Prospect Researching:

Well, Prospect List Building should be the name which is familiar as Lead Generation to most of us. Basically, clients provide us basic information about their targeted peoples and or prospects and we collect their information by using Google, Linkedin and by using some other online resources.
Please check out the videos below to understand the Lead Generation job overview, working processes and more details:

Lead Generation Tutorial – How to find Leads on Linkedin and Find Emails – Upwork Live Project:

Find CEO’s Email Addresses for Free – Find Anyone’s Email Address

Found those videos helpful? Interested to watch few more Lead Generation, Prospect Researching and Email List Building Tutorials?
Please check out the Lead Generation, Email List Building Video playlist from my YouTube Channel.
You will find 9 videos on the Lead Generation Playlist, but to get started, it’s not mandatory to watch them all, you can watch the first 3 videos to get the basic idea, and then as you need, you can watch the rest.
After watching the first 3 videos, create the required profiles, add essential extensions and try to collect a few leads from any industry by following the processes demonstrated.
After getting all things working nicely, you may look up relevant jobs on Upwork from the following link and try as I instructed on the Data Entry section above to build a portfolio.
Do some practice projects, build some portfolios to showcase which will attract clients to reach you!
So now, you got the skills, you got the work experience and you got the portfolio. It’s time to learn how to join on Freelance Marketplaces properly.
Please check out the following videos to learn:

How To Setup a Profile on Fiverr and Make it Complete:

How to Create a Gig Properly to Get High Ranking on Fiverr Search Result to get orders fast:

As a New Seller in Fiverr, you will be able to add 7 gigs, please follow the instruction to create at least 5 gigs for the services you want to provide. And, then it’s time to do some social media promotions.

Learn how to Promote your Gigs on Twitter – Exclusive Ways to Promote Your Service:

After working on some promotions, it’s time to wait for at least 2 weeks to give the gig times to get discovered by the clients, measure the Impressions, views and clicks it’s getting. If it gets better, you just need to wait for the orders, but if they are not reaching peoples, then you have to promote them for a few more days.
So, within a couple of weeks, sooner or later, you will get orders, it’s time to complete the work by following clients instruction, and when you’re done working on the project, time to make the delivery and as you know, getting positive reviews on your profile will lead you to get consistent orders.
From the video below, you will learn:-

How to Deliver Completed Work in Fiverr and Ask for Nice Review from Client

Well Done, you now completed the important parts of learning works, practicing, building portfolios, account setup, gig set up, but, how will you get paid?
If you are living in a country where PayPal is available, you can get paid to PayPal which is really easy to integrate.
But if you need an alternative, you can use Payoneer as I do to get paid.
Please visit Payoneer and create an account by using all genuine information including your name, address, bank account details, and other information as you will see along the way.
After creating the profile, link it to your Upwrok and Fiverr profile, and follow the instructions they will show to set them up properly.
After setting up all the things, and after working on projects, you will be able to make Payment Withdrawals by the following process on Fiverr, although the video attached is demonstrating the process on Upwork, the process is similar.
Well done, and congratulations on completing the Data Entry, Web Research, and Lead Generation training!
If you need any further help, or if you have got any questions, you can ask me by commenting under the videos and I will help you with the solutions for sure…
In the coming days, I am going to share, how I make money:
  • by Selling Tshirts Online
  • with Affiliate Products
  • by Dropshipping
  • on YouTube
Please stay connected to get all the free videos and let’s shine all together!

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